Saturday, March 22, 2014


Well definitely didn't think it would be this long between posts but never have been any good at this blog thing. Life just seems to get in the way and its almost been 2 years. It has been somewhat of a roller coater ride but I am still here as is my little family and that means the world to me 2014 which is still only a few months old has seen many changes happen in our house and I am now taking some time to reflect on a bucket list I wrote a few years ago and to see if I have ticked anything off Reflection comes from this being the last year of me being in my 40s and looking forward to being FABULOUS at 50 in more ways than one. So below is the list and comments about where each of the things are at. 1.Foster a child or................ Hasn't happened and not likely to at this stage 2.Participate in Big Brother Big Sister.........See above but hopefully one day 3.Go to Europe with Kevin and discover where my and Kev’s ancestors came from.................Hasn't happened but hoping 2015 will be that year 4.Spend lots of quality time with my husband and daughter..........not as much as I would like but it has happened 5.Be a good daughter............I hope so but still have failings here 6.Spend lots of quality time with my friends..............again not as much as I would like but I have done so 7.Be the mother of the Bride (but not for at least 8-10 years are you listening Alyce?)...........Not yet and not likely in the near future 8.Be a Grandma (but not for at least 8-10 years, and then after the wedding are you listening Alyce?).........see No. 7 9.Sleep at the zoo (either Melbourne or Werribee) with the animals........Hasn't happened but hope it will soonish 10.See Neil Diamond.......Think I did this 11.See the Nth Melbourne Football Club win at least one but hopefully many more premierships.......Hasn't happened and if last night was an indication not soon 12.See at least one but I would like several more Kangaroo Brownlow Medallists.......not as yet 13.Gain a Diploma ........tries but didn't happen, school by correspondence is not my thing 14.Scrapbook more and more fun events.........yep have done this a few times 15.Lose weight....................yep happening as I type 16.Go to Ayers Rock...........still on the agenda 17.See the Great Barrier Reef...........still on the agenda 18.Have a very different 50th Birthday the works, haven't worked out what yet but working on it 19.Travel, travel and more travel anywhere ............hope this is definitely going to happen 20.Go on scrapbook retreats with my friends..........yep at least 2 a year 21.If Abba tour I would be there with bells on (can’t see this happening though)..............hasn't happened and not likely 22.Go back to Thailand..........yep did this one 23.Go back to see parts of the USA I didn’t see the first time and some that I did..................on the list still 24.Be in Gallipoli on Anzac day...........was going to be 2015 but have put that one on hold 25.Watch Alyce grow into a beautiful young independent woman (this has already started)............still happening and couldn't be prouder 26.Go on a cruise.............hoping 2015 27.Maybe meet someone who I have wanted to for a long time...............yep this did happen and that's all I will say about it

Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Ok so I am not great at this blogging thing, no regularity at all, but I suppose if I get here every now and then that’s better than nothing right? OK so January, February, March and April have had their good days but they have had their very bad ones as well. We did start with a great day at the Bike races at Geelong after what had been a terrible end to 2011. The weather was perfect and it was just nice to sit back and relax and take some time out for us. Later that week, Julie Pauline and Kim Harris and I pulled a huge surprise on our friend Shelley for her 50th Birthday, sending her flowers with a cryptic message and then turning up on her doorstep to take her out for dinner. She was very, very surprised and I think she loved every minute of it. My footy Friend Emma and hubby Leon became the proud parents of bouncing baby boy Charlie Xavier at the end of January - will have to convince him he needs to barrack for the Roos and not his dads team The end of the month also saw my step father having to undergo an operation for cancer and thankfully all went smoothly. February saw another Scrapbooking weekend with a great bunch of girls again,despite some issues with the property where we stayed. Spent a night at the footy for my birthday and then woke the next day with Kev in agony with a bad back so no Birthday dinner for me Have had a couple of shop at home parties which I hadn’t done for a long time – lots of work but good to catch up with friends and get some bargains LOL March started off well with the birth of baby Khalil – congrats to my friends Hadaya and Abdi – he is just beautiful and I was able to have a nurse only hours after he was born which was just wonderful. However the month turned bad later on when I got a phone call to say my Mum had fallen and broken her arm and was being taken to hospital in an ambulance. She had been blown over by a gust of wind when bending over to pick up a can from the gutter. She did not get operated on until the Tuesday and they was moved to Broady Rehab on the Friday which is where she still was 33 weeks later. (PS Thankfully she is now home and on the road to recovery) Seems she just doesn’t want to celebrate her birthday because she injured herself at the same time last year. We will have to take her out for a big dinner when she is able. Had 2 friends also trip over to Phuket and I was very very jealous……LOL I also spent a Saturday in March at the Public Records Office in North Melbourne at a Family History seminar which was great and I learnt lots Also saw the start of the footy which didn’t start well the first week but had a big win the second week against the newest team in the league. Good Friday saw me have a scrapping day at home with Julie, Pauline and Shelley just to have some time out for me with a couple of good friends who needed it as well, unfortunately there were a couple who couldnt join us. Mum was able to come home from the hospital for the afternoon on Easter Sunday which was also good. Also got to see Frankie Valli with Julie, Pam and Cindy live and although he lip synced a bit the four guys he sang with and the band made the night truly memorable I have some friends going through their own issues at the moment and I hope they all get what they need to make things right as soon as possible – I just hope they know I love them to bits and back and will endeavour to do whatever I can to help And that in a nutshell is all about me as at 12.4.2012 And as I did this post nearly 3 weeks ago and didnt put it on the blog I suppose there is other stuff I now need to add. Celebrated our 26th wedding anniversary with a nice dinner at the local Curry Cafe,footy hasnt been too bad so far with a 3-2start, had some great family news with Brent and Michelle getting engaged, have a BIL in hospital having heart surgery but luckily all went well and another family member having some medical issues too. I can never say life is dull and I have probably missed stuff, but Kev, Alyce and I are all good so all is OK and tomorrow will be Day 11 And thats it in a nutshell at 01.05.2011 And I am sorry there is no paragraph breaks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, January 08, 2012

Ok its taken me awhile to update but for good reason

December 27
A post that no-one ever wants to write is one about the death of a family member and this day started off in the worst possible way.
Kev's brother David rang at 6.30am to say that his wife Lynette had passed away during the early hours of the morning. Time seemed to stand still for some time as it had just been a little over a 2 years since Lynette had rung to say that their daughter Kellie had been killed in a car accident. How much more would this family have to endure. Kevin got dressed and headed to Lancefield to be with his brother.
December 28 & 29
Due to what had happened on Tuesday nothing much happened over the next few days, Kev spent a lot of time at Lancefield with David and Michael and to be honest I done really know what I did.
December 30
The day of the funeral and we needed to be in Lancefield early as Kev had to take David and Michael to the church. It was a lovely service and a lovely afternoon tea put on by the CFA
Not much more to be said about this only that I would prefer to catch up with family members at something other than a funeral.
December 31
In order to think of something other than sadness we decided that a day at the pictures might be in order. Kev and I ventured to Broadmeadows and saw War Horse which was a great movie and one I would recommend. We had been invited to a New Years Eve bash but had declined so ventured home after the movie to do not much at all.

Well thats December 2011 wrapped up and not a great month it can be said for this family.
Not sure what 2012 holds given my step fathers health but as a family if we stick together all should be ok
I am going to try and keep this blogging up as I am going to endeavour to do Project Life 2012 so may need this as a reminder along the way

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Boxing Day

December 26
A very quiet day with Alyce at work and Kev riding to the top of Mt Buller with some mates.
I did the traditional thing for me and read a book and finished it whilst listening to the cricket

December 25 Christmas Day

This was a nice and relaxed day and we had Mum and Max and Jack over for lunch. Kim was supposed to be here to but didnt make it until later in the day.
We had the usual lamb and chicken but didnt do pork this year and we totally forgot about the ham.
I did do the scalloped potatoes but the salads were a little different with a pasta and prawn salad and a crunchy coleslaw salad and I made a waldorf salad but we forgot that one too.
Dessert was the traditional Ray's plum pudding and then it was time for a cat nap. JAck went home to get ready to go to Paulines and I took Mum and Max home. I then did have a cat nap and we got ready to go to Paulines about 6pm.
As we drove there the weather started to turn a little nasty and by the time we got to Pauline and Gary's the rain was really really heavy. Gary met us with umbrellas.
We had a relaxing time with them just nibbling at leftovers.
We left there around 9ish and came home to bed as Kev was getting up to ride up Mt Buller the next day.
All in all a nice Christmas Day

Monday, December 26, 2011

Ok so I am not that great at a daily post, or even weekly

Not much went on today except having to race into town at 12.00pm to see the physio and get some new stockings.
December 16
Another Xmas party with JP Heidelberg too at a Greek Restaurant in Northcote, that was pretty average for the price we paid. Cramped in and watermelon for dessert - not what I would have imagined but the company was good
December 17
Date night with Kev and we went to Gold Class and saw Jack and Jill which was funny but no blockbuster. We then went and had some Chinese from Me Wah in Essendon and went and had a drive around Essendon and Niddrie pondering what might have been!
December 18
Out for Yum Cha with my best bud Julie where we exchange Christmas presents.
We turned up at the restaurant and couldn't believe the amount of people there. We were ushered to our seats and food trolleys were at our table before we even had a chance to sit down.
The dishes we picked were usually seafood and it was all very yummy and very very filling.
When it came time for the presents I assured Julie that we wouldnt have got each other the same present that we did last year (we bought each other photography courses but different ones and have only just completed them both). I bought Jules a Kangaroos Footy membership and she bought me a High Tea at the Windsor so I am looking forward to doing that as I have never done it before.
December 19, 20,21 & 22
Some days were busier than others, I had dinner with Jackie my tattslotto buddy on Tuesday night just at a local cafe in Craigieburn and it was great to catch up because we don't really get to do it often enough and I owed her some winnings LOL. I was also supposed to have dinner with some ex-colleagues from St George Bank but one of them wasnt too well so we have postponed until after Xmas which suited me.
December 23
This day saw me break up from work until 3rd January which is a nice break and my lovely boss even let us a leave a little earlier than the time we were supposed to finish which was nice. We had a lovely breakfast and it was made better by the appearance of my buddy Hadaya who has been missing from work for some time but she has started to feel better and she is going to come back to work part time until her bubba is born which is great.
It was then home to get ready for the arrival of Natalie and Abby and Ben and to have a mini Xmas celebration with them and Kim and Alyce.
We have sort of adopted Alyce's 2 girlfriends and Nat's babies and we had a nice night with a BBQ and then some presents given out to the girls and the babies. I gave the 3 older girls a voucher to the Ice Bar and to say it was well received especially from No.1 daughter would be an understatement. Ben wasnt all that impressed but Abby loved her doll and Dorothy.
As it was getting dark, Alyce Kim, Nat and Abby went off and looked at the local lights whilst Ben stayed with Kev and I and I gave him a bottle and some apple and he eventually went off to sleep. Love the feeling still of a little baby (well he isn't that little) sleeping in my arms and I had had it happen twice that day.
Nat and and the babies left and it was off to bed.
December 24 Christmas Eve
I had to go to the chiro in the morning and bought a last minute present for Kev there and then headed to the shops for some last minute things for the big day.
Xmas eve usually sees me make the scalloped potatoes whilst watching Carols but we had decided because it was warm that I might not make them but as Mum had requested them I did change my mind and did make them and they were greatly received
Alyce and Kim had decided that because Kim had to get up early to go to work that we would do the presents before going to bed so we went into the lounge room and started handing them out.
I was very very spoilt with a Pandora bracelet and 2 charms, a Willow statue and a oven mit from Alyce and Kim and then a watch and 2 books from Kev.
Alyce was very excited with the sky diving present and squealed when she opened it.
Kev like the jigsaw and massager that he got too. Kim had some input into her presents so wasn't much of a surprise for her.

I think I will do Xmas day as a separate post

Thursday, December 15, 2011

A Weeks Worth

And what a busy one it has been
So much so that I dont remember if anything much happened on December 7th & 8th
But things certainly kicked in on
December 9th
I had an annual leave day to prepare for the Annual Xmas Gathering of the Simmons, Roach, Houlihan, O'Donoghue & Fraser Clan.
Alyce and I were up early and at the supermarket to do the shopping to make the nibbles and sweets required as just about everything else apart from the meat was being bought by everyone else.
It was then on to the making and the cleaning.
I tried a couple of different things this year including what turned out to be a yummy Christmas icecream and a new dip.
Mum came around to help as well and did bits and pieces to help out.
I am not a big fan of the heat and wasn't overly impressed that the temp was high and by the end of the day was exhausted but it was well worth it.
December 10th
The big day had arrived but started off with an SMS from Carlie saying that poor Archie wasnt well and he was off to the doctors, unfortunately he wasnt able to make it and stayed home with his Dad.
More shopping to be done and then the guests were on the doorstep.
There was food galore and I stupidly forgot a photo.
Then Santa arrived and gave out all of the Kris Kringle presents, all very much a hit.
Then it was time for the family photos (see above) and I must it seems to become easier each year now with no complaints, seems everyone knows the drill now LOL
Then time for the yummy desserts and again I forgot the photo. Some more presents for the kids and the day was done. Some stayed for and we chatted and reminisced which was fun and some more food was consumed and it was all over by 10pm. Seems everyone had a good time or they said they did anyway.
December 11th
Morning saw some more cleaning up and some chatting with Anne about her travels with Gaz and our upcoming cruise (well its a while a way yet in 2015) and then it was time to get ready for going out to the races with my workmates.
It was a twilight meeting at Moonee Valley and was lots of fun - even had a couple of wins but lost on the day
December 12th
Work and then off to a graduation ceremony for some of my clients from work who had completed a course through Fitted for Work which was great to see them receive their certificates
December 13th
Work during the day and then at last my bestie Julie and I got to do our night photography course after being postponed due to bad weather last time. We had bought each other a present of night and day course for Christmas 2010 not knowing and had now got to do both just in time for Christmas 2011.
The night was great and I must admit I did get some nice shots, just need to practice practice PRACTICE. (not even sure that the right way to spell it but I am sure you get my drift)
Our camera has lots and lots of functions that I have never used as it is usually on the auto button so this was a test but lots of fun.
December 14th
Really could have done with a sickie but went off to work but was determined that the night would see me do not much at all but still didnt get to bed until 11.30 - go figure.
Roll on December 23 when I will be on holidays.
Well this is a long entry cos I really have been busy - next few days are more quiet so shouldnt be much to report

Tuesday, December 06, 2011

OK Day 4,5 & 6

December 4
Well Sunday saw the day start off not too hastily, later on in the day though Alyce and I went for a trip to Spotlight, me to get some curtains for our bedroom and Alyce to look at doona covers and some things for our Family Christmas on Saturday.
December 5
Monday it was back to work but luckily came home to Alyce having cooked tea which was yummy, 2 nights in a row now.
December 6
Home alone after work with Kev being at bike racing and Alyce at work.
Have to decide what to do about a Kris Kringle present that isnt going to show up in time.
Also trying to come up with a quick pressie to make for everyone on Saturday as well
Wish me Luck!